The Best Flowers To Grow For Homemade Bouquets

The Best Flowers To Grow For Homemade Bouquets

Making your own bouquets is an inexpensive way to enjoy beautiful flowers at home or give them as a gift, but you don’t have to visit the florist to have them. Here are the flowers that will grow fast enough in your garden for you to enjoy beautiful, fresh, colourful bouquets all spring and summer.

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Whether you have space for just a few pots or a whole garden plot you can dedicate, these flowers will give you choice in colour and shape for your homemade bouquets.

By planting these varieties now, you can get bouquet ready blooms faster than just planting annuals or other blooming flowers. They come in lots of colour varieties, grow quickly, and in general are easy enough to care for. Check out the link below for details on each flower including which zones they thrive in and how to best care for them. The link gives US zones, but you can check this map to convert them to Australian regions.

15 Fast-Growing Flowers for a Cutting Garden [This Old House]

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