Siphon Battery From Your Friends' Phone With This DIY Gadget

Smartphone battery life sucks and carrying power banks around with you is one way to keep your handset juiced up. But it's easy to forget to bring a power bank or to charge them up to take with you in the first place. This contraption that you can build yourself could be a good alternative to keep your phone charged up, albeit at the expense of your friends' handsets' battery life.

Hardware hacker Rulof Maker, has made a small portable device can suck the battery from one phone to another. This was done through modifying a few electronic bits and combining them into a gadget that he can carry around on a keyring so he'll never forget to bring it.

What you'll need for this project is a motor from an iPhone fan, a circuit board from an inexpensive USB power bank, a Lightning-to-USB cable, a small wood block and some soldering skills.

Maker's gadget is made to steal battery from iPhones but there's no reason you can't use a micro-USB or USB Type-C cable for this project.

You can watch the video above for detailed instructions.


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    I noted the Pixel actually does this anyway - Went to transfer data from the Mrs old phone onto her new pixel and it was taking charge from her S6!!

    For those that are too lazy (like myself), just get the Power Sharing Cable.

    Very good idea, and seems fairly easy too!

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