Pretend To Be Financially Independent To Stick To Your Money Goals

Pretend To Be Financially Independent To Stick To Your Money Goals

There’s no greater money goal than financial independence: The freedom to do whatever you want without money stopping you. However, it’s a long, hard road. To keep your spirits high and stick to your goal, remind yourself what it feels like to be financially independent every now and then.

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Most of us get the occasional day off, and personal finance blogger Tawcan uses that time to “practise” being financially independent. Essentially, that just means making time for all the fun stuff you want to do without worrying about work-related obligations – reading books you’ve been meaning to read, planning travel, going for a walk on the beach, working on your own personal projects and so on. Yes, this is basically all the stuff most of us try to do on our days off anyway, but as Tawcan explains, it’s the mindset shift that makes a difference:

Basically, I go through my non-working days as if I am already financially independent. I don’t think about how much money I need to make, I don’t think about how many more years I need to work to become financially independent, and I don’t talk about what financially independent would be like. I am already financially independent.

It’s a really simple concept, but if you’re working toward financial independence, it can help to think of these days as “financial independence” days. It keeps your goal front of mind and reminds you of what you really want. It’s also a good reminder that, as Tawcan says, “financial independence is not an end game.” You don’t have to be financially free to enjoy life. For more detail, head to the full post at the link below.


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