Practise Being More Mindful By Focusing On Choices

Practise Being More Mindful By Focusing On Choices

We could probably all stand to be a little more mindful, or aware of and engaged with the present. But it’s so easy to get caught up in mindless consumption: Checking stats, refreshing notifications, aimless browsing. Choices can help you practise being a little more mindful.

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It might seem simple, but there’s a lot of power in the small decisions you make every day. For example, choices help you gradually establish a sense of control over your situation. And as personal finance writer Cait Flanders points out, choices can help foster awareness and intention, too. She writes:

…every time I faced a choice, I made an intentional decision — and at least 80% of them were healthy. When it came to food, I would ask myself: do I want to feel energised for the rest of the day or do I want to suffer? (This seems obvious, but it’s crazy how often I used to eat bad food without caring what the consequences would be.) With workouts: there was no question — I just walked everywhere. And with spending: am I comfortable trading money for the experience or not?

It sounds simple… and it is! The point, though, is that all too often, we make decisions mindlessly, without giving them a second thought. When you stop to consider the impact and intention of your decision, you give yourself a chance to be more aware and mindful of your purpose.

Flanders elaborates on this topic in greater detail at her full post. Read it at the link below.

Why I Stopped Tracking Everything (and Started Making Intentional Decisions) [Cait Flanders]

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