Photoshop Fix, The Simple Photo Retouching Tool, Comes To Android

Android: Last year, Adobe released a super simple, yet powerful photo retouching tool called Photoshop Fix for iOS. Now, Android users can use the same app to edit their photos right on their phone.

Fix gives you a number of basic tools like adjusting exposure, contrast and saturation. On top of these features - that, frankly, every editing app has these days - Fix has a number of unique tools. Liquefy and Smoothen allow you to tweak the facial features of a subject, and you can remove parts of the image you don't like with the Healing tool. It's no replacement for full Photoshop, but it is free and it's nice to have that kind of power on your phone.

Adobe Photoshop Fix [Google Play Store via Android Police]

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    There doesn't seem to be capacity for editing captions. Strange that so few apps allow you to include descriptive information. They've give that over to the algorithm.

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