Make Your Own Adjustable Kettlebell Substitute For $10

Make Your Own Adjustable Kettlebell Substitute For $10

Kettlebells are a fantastic way to build wicked power and strength, but as you need heavier and heavier kettlebells, each one can set you back $100 or more. A good alternative is this DIY “kettlebell” that lets you put as much or as little weight as you want and costs a fraction of the price.

Image by .v1ctor Casale.

We’ve been on a DIY kick lately, previously showing you how to make a foam roller and a suspension trainer. This kettlebell-like equipment is the brainchild of Tim Ferris.

Check the link below to see the exact materials and what it looks like, but essentially, Ferris has fashioned together a T-bar of sorts, which is made from multiple pieces of three-quarter-inch diameter pipe nipples, a floor flange, and a T-shaped pipe to fit them all together. You then stack weight plates one by one (up to around 45kg), secure the weights with a clamp, and play.

As a side note, you probably need to wear gloves to prevent the worst callouses in the world. This thing isn’t a perfect kettlebell substitution, but if you stick with the small plates, exercises like swings, sumo deadlifts, and goblet squats are entirely possible.

The Kettlebell Experiment – Bring One to Life for $US10 ($13) []

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