Make Tarts Without A Special Tart Pan With A Springform

There seems to be an endless variety of baking equipment out there and - if you have a small kitchen like I do - buying every single pan just isn't an option. I've let my lack of tart pan keep me from making tarts in the past, but no more; it turns out you can use a 23cm springform.

Photo by Stacy.

As Cook's Illustrated points out in the link below, the main benefit of a tart pan is the removable bottom, which a springform also happens to possess. How you used it depends on the type of crust you're making:

PRESS-IN CRUST: Pat dough into pan (with collar fastened), pressing dough 1 inch [2.5cm] up sides to approximate height of sides of tart pan, and bake as directed.
ROLL-OUT CRUST: Follow tart recipe directions, rolling dough into circle approximately 2 inches [5cm] larger than size of pan and about 1/4 inch [0.6cm] thick. Gently ease dough into springform pan with collar closed but unfastened. Once dough is fitted into pan, snap collar shut and trim edge to 1-inch [2.5cm] height using paring knife.

Of course, this tip is only helpful if you own a springform pan, but you should have one of those anyway, for cheesecake purposes.

How to Hack a Tart Pan [Cook's Illustrated]

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