LastPass Teams Can Help Small Businesses Manage Passwords

We’ve mentioned before that small businesses should use password managers for continuity. LastPass has just released Teams, which is aimed at work groups with under 50 users. Here’s what you need to know.

Small business owners often keep a lot of information in their heads, including login details for a number of online accounts. The problem is if anything were to happen to them, existing workers would have a hard time gaining access to business critical services online.

We’ve recommended LastPass many times before and now our favourite password manager has come out with an offering that is suitable to small businesses and teams of up to 50 users.

What LastPass Teams can do is provide a single place where you can securely store passwords that needs to be shared among a group of people. It has an admin dashboard that lets a team leader add or remove members, control who has access to different passwords and set policies for extra security. It also has automatic reporting so you can track who is using various passwords and unlimited syncing to keep passwords and policies up-to-date.

LastPass Teams costs US$29 (AU$39) per user per year and is supported across all desktop and mobile operating systems. You can sign up for the service here.


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