How Tea Differs Around The World [Infographic]

How Tea Differs Around The World [Infographic]

Australians aren’t particularly imaginative when it comes to tea – dunk a Lan-Choo bag in a mug of boiling water, add a splash of milk to taste and you’re basically done. In other parts of the world, tea drinking is much more sophisticated process that involves unique plants, brewing processes and receptacles. This infographic looks at 21 popular and exotic teas from around the world.

The below infographic comes from serviced apartment provider SilverDoor. It breaks down popular tea varieties in 21 countries, complete with preparation and tasting notes. If you’re a frequent overseas traveller, see how many you can tick off the list!

[Via Silverdoor]


  • HUGE fail!! What about Sri Lanka one of the largest exporter and tea drinking nation.

    Sri Lanka produce some of worlds finest and expensive teas. Most of the countries represented above use partially or wholly Sri Lankan tea (aka Ceylon Tea), and the writer failed to find pic of Sri Lankan Tea.

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