Dealhacker: Nine Video Game Sales You Probably Missed (And Can Still Get)

Amazon. Green Man Gaming. Steam. Good Old Games. Humble Bundle. Wherever you looked today, chances are you saw a video game sale and a fat discount. But not everyone has had the time or wherewithal to consider how hard they would like to throw their wallet at their monitor. So to help out, here’s a cross-section of cracking deals on games that haven’t featured in our previous Cyber Monday roundups.

SUPERHOT: $20.13 from Green Man Gaming

February feels like such a long time ago. But that was when the indie first-person puzzle shooter SUPERHOT finally became available, helping kick off what has been an unusually good year for the FPS genre.

It’s on sale through Steam as well, but you can get a slightly better deal through Green Man Gaming. Well worth the playthrough, even though an initial run only lasts a couple of hours. Note that you’ll also get an extra 10% off from Green Man Gaming if you use the BLACKFRIDAY10 voucher code at checkout.

Warhammer 40,000 Dawn of War 2 Master Collection: $23.49 from Humble Bundle

If you have ever had any passing interest in strategy games, MOBAs, the Warhammer universe, action RPGs or solid single-player campaigns that have co-op support, you owe it to yourself to play Dawn of War 2.

The Master Collection is cheaper through Humble Bundle than it is through Steam, but Humble Bundle gives you a Steam key anyway. And while Retribution’s campaign is a bit of a letdown after the original DoW 2 and Chaos Rising, there’s always the solid Horde-esque mode to occupy your time with.

Still the best use of the Warhammer franchise in video games to date. (Although Dark Crusade and Dawn of War 3 next year might have something to say about that.)

Dragon Ball Xenoverse: $13.42 on Steam

I was tossing up between this or one of the older Naruto anime fighters, but in the end you can’t really beat the nostalgia value that Xenoverse provides. The time travelling storyline is a great way to explore the various arcs of the Dragon Ball lore in a way that makes sense.

The multiple fighting styles through the RPG system also offers a reason to replay the series, and there are 55 online co-op missions available if you can find a friend. (You’ll have to play through them multiple times if you want all the rewards, too.)

Xenoverse won’t be for everyone, but then Dragon Ball isn’t for everyone either. If you get a kick out of Goku and his mates, or anime fighters in general, this is a pretty hard deal to pass up.

Endless Legend: $10.06 on Steam or Humble Bundle

When I did a round-up of some of Steam’s featured deals it took a reader to point out that Endless Legend had a cracking discount as well. And if you’re in the market for a fantasy 4X game that hits a lot of the same beats as Civilization, you’d be doing yourself a disservice by not checking Endless Legend out.

It also helps that the world map is simply gorgeous, even if Amplitude’s well-worn UI (which anyone who has played Endless Space or Dungeon of the Endless will be familiar with) sticks out like a sore thumb. But putting those aside, Luke found that the uniqueness of the factions and the comprehensiveness of the tactical combat made Endless Legend worth a look. And for those interested in the genre, getting all that for $10 is really a steal.

Mortal Kombat Komplete Edition: $6.71 on Steam

If you’re in need of a fighting game to work through but don’t have friends to play against, you could hardly do worse than the hours of joy that the Mortal Kombat story mode provides. Netherrealm’s reinvention of the iconic series helped illustrate that fighters don’t have to be multiplayer-only affairs.

The Komplete Edition is completely free of the nightmares that haunted Mortal Kombat X’s PC port as well, and if you happen to have a friend around it’s always good for hours of spine cracking fun.

DOOM: $26.60 from Green Man Gaming

People have praised Titanfall 2’s campaign to the high heavens, and while that’s a damn good romp it still won’t put as big of a grin on your face as the DOOM reboot will. There’s plenty of oddities to find in the SnapMap community now as well, which helps make up for the fact that the multiplayer was just a bit too ordinary.

And if you have any doubts about whether DOOM’s campaign is worth your time, just remember what I said in May: the soundtrack is metal as fuck. You shouldn’t really need much more encouragement than that.

XCOM 2: $36.20 from Amazon

Remember XCOM 2? That came out this year as well, a game that feels like has vanished out of the public consciousness almost entirely. If you didn’t pick it up in February, the game has had several months of patches and performance optimisations. And while Steam and Humble Bundle are selling the game for just over $40 (US$30) right now, you can get a boxed PC copy shipped from Amazon for a much more reasonable $36.20.

The deal works out a lot better if you buy a few games from Amazon and have them all shipped at once, although you’re still saving a few dollars if you just get XCOM 2 alone. And it’s worth reiterating that XCOM 2 has gotten much better over time: while overall rating on Steam is only 78%, users have given it a much more favourable 93% from 1,209 reviews over the last 30 days.

Rise of the Tomb Raider: $40.33 on Steam

50% is about as good as you’ll get for a discount on Rise of the Tomb Raider right now, which is pretty respectable for a franchise as big as Tomb Raider. The offer through Steam is the 20 Year Celebration bundle as well, which comes with some excellent DLC and the very neat Endurance Mode.

If you haven’t played ROTT yet, but you loved the Tomb Raider reboot, consider this a must-buy. It also runs like a dream on PCs, especially if you’ve got the hardware to crank it up to 1440p or higher. A treat to look at and a treat to play, much like the reboot was.

Need for Speed: $18.74 from Origin

Ever since the Underground games, there has always been those gamers that have stuck with the Need for Speed franchise through thick and thin. The quality has been pretty up and down over the years – Rivals was a bit naff, while Most Wanted was surprisingly good – which is a pretty good descriptor for the 2015 reboot.

As long as you’re prepared for some atrociously silly cut-scenes and AI some annoyingly painful drift train races, there’s plenty of dumb fun to be had with Need for Speed. The main story is about 15 hours long, although most people will get about 20 hours out of it in a solo playthrough. Doesn’t hold a candle to the glory days of Underground 1 or 2, but if you just want a street racer to muck around with it’ll get the job done nicely. And the PC version supports racing wheels and 4K, which is nice.

Those are some of the great deals you can get today. What other bargains have you spotted on Steam or other online retailers?

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