Google’s PhotoScan App Is Perfect For Backing Up Old Photos

Android/iOS: Google has introduced PhotoScan, a new app that makes scanning and uploading old photos a heck of a lot easier.

PhotoScan is not just a photo of a photo. You’ll snap several shots on a picture, then PhotoScan automatically detects and removes the edges, straightens the image and removes any glare before turning it into a high resolution file. If you’re using Google Photos, your scans are automatically uploaded to Google Photos.

Speaking of Google Photos, updates to the mobile apps are rolling out there as well. This includes advanced editing tools, like the ability to adjust exposure and contrast. You’ll also get a suite of new filters for one-tap editing. You can snag PhotoScan in your app store of choice right now, and the Google Photos updates are rolling out now as well.

Now your photos look better than ever – even those dusty old prints [Google]


  • This is brilliant.

    While I’ve long had intentions of scanning all my old photos on my flatbed (to achieve the best possible quality), this was always a pipe dream, as it would just take far too long (and I can’t afford to pay a service to do it for me).

    While this won’t have the same quality as slowly scanning an image at 300dpi, the truth is, I hardly print photos anymore anyway, the family’s preferred way to look over old photos is to bring up Google Photos on the TV, so resolution isn’t much of an issue anyway.

    Now if only Google could do something about the shitty Google Photos desktop client, which can’t have it’s bandwidth toggled (killing my Internet connection when uploading), and for unexplained reasons refuses to upload huge swathes of photos.

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