Export Your Vines In Their Original Format (And As GIFs)

Export Your Vines In Their Original Format (And As GIFs)

The impending demise of Vine, the video upload service with a six-second limit, came as a surprise to most of us. There isn’t much we can do to stop it, but you can save your account’s content before it’s eventually deleted from the internet forever. One option is to export them to Giphy, which not only preserves them in their original format, but also converts them to GIFs for extra sharing potential.

The process is very straightforward — Giphy has all but automated it for you. You’ll need a Vine account (obviously), along with a Giphy one. Then, you can hit up this page to get the ball rolling.

Once you log into the service, you supply the URL to your Vine account and then click the “Import” button. You don’t have to hang around either — Giphy will fire off an email once the import is complete.

One unsurprising caveat is that only one Vine account can be exported per Giphy account. Basically, it’s not intended as a glorified bookmarking service for all your favourite Vines, rather, a backup method for your own recordings.

Having your Vines as GIFs too is neat — you lose the sound, sure, but better to have them shareable in some format than none at all.

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