Dealhacker: The UNIX E-Book Humble Bundle For Novice And Advanced Programmers

If you’re interested in a career in IT, programming skills will definitely come in handy. While there are many online resources out there that can teach you those skills, having extra reading material will help you better understand the concepts involved. Humble Bundle has just released an e-book deal for those interested in programming in the UNIX environment. There are e-books for beginners and advanced programmers. Here are the details.

All the e-books are from O’Reilly, a company that specialises in technology books and content. You can get the bundle here.

When you pay US$1 or more, you get the following titles:

  • Unix in a Nutshell, 4th Edition: Featuring chapter overviews, in-depth command coverage, and specific examples, it’s the perfect supplement for Unix users and programmers.
  • sed & awk, 2nd Edition: sed & awk describes two text manipulation programs that are mainstays of the UNIX programmer’s toolbox.
  • lex and yacc, 2nd Edition: Shows programmers how to use two Unix utilities, lex and yacc, in program development.
  • Learning the bash Shell, 3rd Edition: This refreshed edition serves as the most valuable guide yet to the bash shell.
  • Linux Pocket Guide, 3rd Edition: If you use Linux in your day-to-day work, this popular pocket guide is the perfect on-the-job reference.

You also get the following titles if you pay more than US$8:

  • bash Cookbook It presents a variety of recipes and tricks for all levels of shell programmers so that anyone can become a proficient user of the bash shell.
  • Classic Shell Scripting: This book provides the tips, tricks, and organized knowledge you need to create excellent scripts, as well as warnings of the traps that can turn your best efforts into bad shell scripts.
  • Learning GNU Emacs, 3rd Edition: The third edition of Learning GNU Emacs describes Emacs 21.3 from the ground up, including new user interface features such as an icon-based toolbar and an interactive interface to Emacs customisation.
  • Unix Power Tools: The latest edition of this best-selling favorite is loaded with vital information on Linux, Darwin, and BSD.
  • Learning the vi and Vim Editors, 7th Edition: The standard guide for vi since 1986, this book has been expanded to include detailed information on vim, the leading vi clone that includes extra features for both beginners and power users.
  • Bash Pocket Reference, 2nd Edition: This concise little book puts all of the essential information about Bash right at your fingertips.
  • Learning Unix for OS X, 2nd Edition: This compact book provides a user-friendly tour of your Mac’s Unix base.

The biggest package will be unlocked when you pay $15 or more, which will get you these additional e-books:

  • Essential System Administration, 3rd Edition: This comprehensive and invaluable book combines the author’s years of practical experience with technical expertise to help you manage Unix systems as productively and painlessly as possible.
  • TCP/IP Network Administration, 3rd Edition: This complete hands-on guide to setting up and running a TCP/IP network starts with the fundamentals: what protocols do and how they work, how addresses and routing are used, and how to set up your network connection.
  • DNS and BIND, 5th Edition: Whether you’re an administrator involved with DNS on a daily basis or a user who wants to be more informed about the Internet and how it works, you’ll find that this book is essential reading.
  • Network Troubleshooting Tools: This book helps you sort through the thousands of tools that have been developed for debugging TCP/IP networks and choose the ones that are best for your needs.

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