CyberChef Is The Jack-Of-All-Trades For Data Conversion, Encryption, Tidying Up Code And More

CyberChef calls itself the “cyber Swiss Army knife”. We’d have listed out more things this tool can do but we ran out of space in the headline. CyberChef carries around 150 operations that are useful for anybody who deals with data (that’s a lot of people) but programmers and IT administrators would probably get the most out of the tool. Read on to find out more.

The beauty of CyberChef, an open source tool, is that it’s designed for technical and non-technical people; the aim was to reduce complex techniques used for a range of data-related tasks and make it a drag-and-drop affair. It sports a clean interface and is available as an online web app or an offline program that you can download and use locally on your machine – no internet connection required.

While the creators of the tool expect that CyberChef will appeal to cybersecurity and antivirus companies that perform complex data analysis, the operations it supports are also beneficial to programmers, developers, IT administrators, mathematicians and academics.

Here’s a list of some of the things CyberChef can be used for:

  • Converting data formats. For example, you can convert plain text to and from Hex, Charcode, Decimal, Binary, Base64 and more.
  • Encrypting data using various algorithms including AES-256, DES and Rabbit.
  • Performing public key operations such as converting an object identifier to a hexadecimal string.
  • Performing logical operations such as XOR-ing input with a given key.
  • Networking operations such as removing HTTP headers from a request.
  • Translating data between different character encodings.
  • Cutting specific bytes of out of the input data.
  • Hashing.
  • Cleaning up code in various languages, to some extent.

It would take me a while to list out everything CyberChef can do so it’s probably best if you check it out for yourself here.


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