Briefly: PAX Prep, Enigma Brainteasers, New Superfoods

Brief news items of note for Lifehacker readers, including: how to prepare for PAX, fiendish brain-teasers written by the team who cracked the Enigma code, Horizon Zero Dawn on PlayStation 4 Pro.

  • Horizon Zero Dawn in 4K is the most compelling reason to buy a PS4 Pro yet. Check out the footage above and then head to Gizmodo for more pics.
  • Heading to the PAX video game expo this weekend? Kotaku has a guide on how to prepare.
  • National Geographic's stunning climate-change documentary starring Leonardo DiCaprio is free to watch online. Click here.
  • You can currently get 20% off various Aussie retailers via eBay when you use the discount code 'CHEER20'. For more online bargains, check out our Humpday Deals page.
  • The people who cracked the Enigma code during WW2 also liked to write puzzles and brainteasers. Here are three of them.
  • "Superfoods" are an obvious marketing gimmick. With that said, anything that carries the label is surely good for you. POPSUGAR Health & Fitness looks at the latest options.


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