Be The Life Of The Party By Playing A Character Like Jim Carrey

If you want to be the kind of person who can entertain everyone at a large party, you’re gonna need more than your usual charismatic tricks. One way to get and keep the attention of your guests is to play characters.

As the video above from Charisma on Command suggests, playing a character — or several characters — allows you to entertain and put people at ease without making yourself feel awkward. By putting on the exaggerated characteristics of a diva or a dope, you can make yourself feel more comfortable in a role that you might not normally feel comfortable with.

Of course, Jim Carrey is an extreme example because he’s a character unto himself. Virtually every aspect of Carrey’s appearance and mannerisms is exaggerated to the extreme. Fortunately, you don’t need to go that far. A shift in tone of voice or a mock facial expression can communicate to your guests that you’re intentionally being silly for their benefit, rather than making jokes that would otherwise be at their expense. Check out the whole video for more tricks on how to entertain your party guests.

How To Be The Life Of ANY Party [Charisma on Command]


  • For the love of god don’t be anything like Jim Carrey – possibly one of the most annoying people on the planet (when in one of his ‘zany’ characters – for all I know he may be a great dude in real life).

  • The only reason Jim Carrey’s characters get away with it is because the reaction of the other people is scripted. Try it in real life and you’ll probably get punched in the face for being an arsehole.

  • Lots of advice there about how to be the life of the party if you already have quite a bit of self-confidence. Maybe this is not you, consider that although everyone may be laughing at the ‘life of the party’, if it is an act then they may not connect with anyone. Even if the jokes don’t fall flat, they may still think you are an arse.

    Be a bit more confident, but take it in stages, I don’t think Carey is a great role model. As he says he is not trying to win over everyone, he is doing it to make money, what are you doing it for. So getting a large number of people to laugh may not be the success you hope for.

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