Australian Telco Complaints Are Through The Roof

Australian Telco Complaints Are Through The Roof

Complaints to telecommunications providers are up by over 16 per cent, according to the latest report detailing the number of new landline, mobile and internet complaints the Telecommunications Industry Ombudsman (TIO) receives.

Optus is the worst offender, while Amaysim proves the most loved among customers.

The Telecommunications Complaints In Context report — a quarterly report jointly published by the TIO and Communications Alliance — showed that total complaints per 10,000 SIO for all participating telcos was 6.2 in the July-September quarter, an increase of 16.4 per cent during the same period in 2015.

Despite the increase, this number is still 22 per cent lower than when reporting began in 2013, and a 3.1 per cent improvement on the last quarter.

Amaysim took out the top spot with only 1.1 complaints per 10,000 SIO, with Pivotel just behind on receiving 1.3 complaints per 10,000 SIO.

Telstra recorded 6.0 complaints per 10,000 SIO — down form last quarter’s 6.8. Despite receiving the most complaints — 7.2 complaints per 10,000 SIO — this was still down from last quarter’s 7.7 figure.

Vodafone jumped from 3.8 to 6.2 complaints per 10,000 SIO, matching the average across all participating telcos.

The first Complaints in Context report published data from July to September 2013. At that time, there were 7.9 TIO complaints per 10,000 SIO for all participating providers.

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  • O.k. you got me on Optus being the worst but what score did they get?
    Any idea on the break down of the results? What have people been complaining about?

    • Billing issues for me with optus.
      Signed up on one plan. Then they started billing me for a different plan.

      • You had to make a TIO complaint to fix that? Wow, that’s really shit if Optus billing couldn’t just sort that.

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