Amazon’s Online Store Is Coming To Australia Next Year

Amazon’s Online Store Is Coming To Australia Next Year

Amazon’s international e-store is finally launching Down Under! According to a report in the Australian Financial Review (AFR), Amazon’s hugely popular shopping service aims to have a local presence in every Australian state in 2017. Bizarrely, they also plan to build physical retail stores. Here are the details.

If you’ve ever tried to purchase an item on Amazon only to be confronted with exorbitant shipping fees or the dreaded “does not ship to your area” message, you know how hit-and-miss the service can be. This is all set to change if AFR’s source can be believed.

According to the report, the shopping giant will be selling and distributing online directly from Australia in September 2017. They will also be setting up physical stores which will mainly be located in regional areas.

International fund manager Justin Braitling reportedly spoke to Amazon personnel responsible for rolling out the Australian strategy during a special briefing.

“[Amazon] will be dropping distribution centres and performance centres in every state next year,” Braitling told the AFR.

“They will be doing general merchandise and they will be doing fresh as well. They will also be putting physical stores on the ground which I don’t think anyone knows about.”

In worrying news for Harvey Norman and the like, Braitling also claimed that Amazon is actively looking to “destroy” the retail environment in Australia. Read the full report here.

Amazon is definitely a latecomer to Australia — it currently operates in ten countries besides the USA (Canada, Mexico, UK, Germany, France, Italy, Spain, Japan, China and India.) But with its strong brand recognition and massive range of products, we doubt the tardy rollout will affect its chances in the marketplace.

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  • I hope they would also ship more items to NZ from Amazon AU. Filtering to “Ships to New Zealand” result is depressing.

  • Hopefully, they will actually be allowed to stock and sell specific items (generally consumer electronics) in this country, and the manufacturers don’t effectively geoblock them from doing so like they currently do.

    • Manufactures often block export of electronic equipment because they don’t meet the regulations of other countries.

  • Not convinced until I see their inventory. Everyone was excited about Newegg coming to Australia, but their inventory is severely cut down, shipping is insane, and prices are inflated. It’s just another alternative.

    So I hope this will be more Amazon and less just-another-shit-AU-store.

    • Yeah I was massively disappointed with Newegg’s offerings on stock, price and shipping. Ridiculous prices.

  • won’t see the “this item doesn’t ship to ” but the Australia Tax makes it worthwhile because of the “cost of doing business in Australia” and “Australians are used to paying higher prices”

  • I love Amazon! Having family in the UK, I always take advantage of their low prices and free delivery. I visit them every year, or vice versa, so it works for me.

    Now Australia will finally have the opportunity to experience the same fantastic service.

    The Australian retail industry needs a kick up the…
    We pay way over the top for everything in Australia!
    And remember, competition is healthy!

    Remember, it is just more choice for the consumer (you!) . You don’t have to buy from Amazon, but soon you will have the freedom to decide whether or not you want to! 🙂

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