All The Ways Australians Suck At Sleep [Infographic]

All The Ways Australians Suck At Sleep [Infographic]
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Australian mattress brand Sealy Posturepedic recently conducted a global sleep census and the results for Australia are concerning though not surprising. According to the survey, a whopping 75 per cent of Aussies struggle to fall or stay asleep at night and around one in five struggle with insomnia at least three times a week. This infographic looks at all the ways we are struggling to get to sleep. It also suggests some potential remedies.

Falling asleep should be a piece of cake when you consider how flat-out everyone is. And yet – if Sealy’s global sleep census can be believed – most of us struggle to recharge our depleted batteries at the end of each day. The survey of 11,000 participants, including 2300 Australians, found that sleep does not come quickly or naturally for most people.

35 per cent of Australians rated the quality of their night-time sleep as fairly or very bad. This could potentially be having a negative impact on our short and long term health.

Sealy’s suggested solution is one we’ve all heard before: the dreaded “tech detox”. In addition, a good-quality mattress and a fixed bedtime schedule are also recommended. You can find additional tips to help you fall asleep faster here, here and here. Now, onto the infographic…

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[Via Sealy Posturepedic]


  • I’d definitely would incorporate turning of your mobile phone in your bedtime routine. having a consistent sleep routine can help you prepare for sleep. Creating and sticking to a sleep schedule is one of the most effective ways to get your required hours of sleep.

  • I was discussing this with a few freinds at dinner last night and we all agree that the no. 1 thing that affects the quality of your sleep is temperature. It is much harder to get a really good night’s sleep on a hot, humid night. I invariably sleep much better through winter than I do in summer.

    I also wonder how many people who said they sleep with their phones by their bed are like me and only do that because their phone is their wake-up alarm? I never look at my phone when I am in bed, except maybe to check the time if I wake up before the alarm goes off. It’s kind of a shame in a way, because Win 10 Mobile finally has a pervasive dark theme, which would be perfect for night use.

  • I like sandwiches i wish i had a sandwich because they taste good and infographics are boring unless there about sandwiches !?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?

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