Why You Should Purée Gherkins Spears Into Your Bloody Mary

Why You Should Purée Gherkins Spears Into Your Bloody Mary

I have long been a fan of adding pickle brine to savoury cocktails, especially Bloody Marys, but Kenzi Wilbur of Food 52 suggests taking it a step further and just pureeing a few spears right into the mix.

Photo by Susan Lucas Hoffman.

She first got the idea at the SuckerPunch booth at the Good Food Mercantile in Chicago, where she learned that “adding only pickle brine can make the whole drink taste a little sharp”, and that pureed spears not only create a more rounded flavour profile, but keep the Bloody from getting too watery. To make it at home, you can just chuck a few of your favourite gherkins (along with some brine) directly into your mix and blend, or puree the gherkins on their own and stir in as much or as little as you like into your glass.

I’m really into this idea, and I wouldn’t want to limit it to just gherkins. Pickled peppers, pickled radishes or even whole lemon wedges would really pack in the flavour. Just be sure to limit your pureed goodies to one or two items; you don’t want your drink getting too thick.

The Best Way to Make Your Bloody Mary Better is Also the Most Obvious [Food 52]

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