What Piece Of Your Clothing Has Been The Best Investment?

What Piece Of Your Clothing Has Been The Best Investment?

There are some clothing pieces that most people agree are good ‘investments’ for your wardrobe, like a well-fitting suit, high quality coat, or decent shoes. But what clothing items have turned out to be the best ones for you?

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Maybe basic t-shirts in a couple colours or sweaters that you can layer for any season have given you the most bang for your buck, even if they aren’t the most expensive items you own. Let us know yours in the discussions below. Include what the item is, where you got it, and why you love it so much.

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  • Self-knitted jumpers, which apart from the effort of making them, just last and last. My oldest one is over 30 years old, still fits and still gets worn every winter.

    I have a number of long-lasting items that I bought 10-20 yrs ago that don’t show their age. Nothing I’ve bought since 2005 seems to show much indication of lasting.

  • A suit, always a suit. A nice one. Even if it’s off the rack at a few hundred bucks (shirt, pants, jacket included) You can always get it adjusted at a tailor for like 50 bucks. It’s worth it. It’s also a great way to maintain your weight as you know oooh i need to fit into my suit again for x event 🙂

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