What Are Your Biggest Gripes About iOS 10?


At a glance, iOS 10 didn’t seem to bring along that many changes, but anecdotally I haven’t heard people complain about how much they dislike an update this much since iOS 7. So, let’s hear it, what is it about iOS 10 that drives you mad?

The biggest complaint I’ve heard is about the new lock screen, with many lamenting the loss of “Slide to Unlock.” Others seem to despise all the new tricks in Messages.

Some of these complaints should go away over time, but a month in, people still seem annoyed. So, let’s hear it: what do you hate about iOS 10? And more importantly: have you found a workaround to make it less annoying?


  • By far the worst for me the the notification panel, which you used to be able to sort by app, but now is only shown in chronological order.
    It seems insane that they would take the option away altogether, since before you could also dismiss all notifications from a single app with a swipe.

  • Hate lockscreen. Sometimes inserting fingerprint doesn’t go to home screen, just stays on lockscreen but “unlocked” and a click of the home button still needed. Music player is out of the way now. Reduced performance ipad air 2. Other tiny little things that add up to make me despise using my iPad air 2.

    • You always have to press the home button to do it.

      If you press the home button to wake up, leave finger on button for touch id, closes lock screen
      If you press power button (or if it work up due to notification i presume), you have to touch id, press home (or other way round) to open

  • Only reason to update was to get rid of crappy stock apps, which says a lot about the state of iOS of late.

    BIGGEST GRIPE is that I can’t get rid of BOTH Siri and Voice Control. Once I switch Siri off I get VC when I press the home button for more than a fraction of a second. Extremely annoying.

    Messages is a dog’s breakfast designed to impress school kids. It is embarrassing.

    Two panel notifications is confusing and too complicated. New unlock is a step back not forward.

    There are bugs in Mail with incorrect updated time.

    Another worrying bug (or bugs) is that I set the Music app to ONLY use WiFI, and after a day playing music with everything else OFF, wifi got disconnected (even I get full bars of signal), and downloads music using cellular even if it is set not to do that.

    For me it is the most frustrating and disappointing update I can remember since the original iPhone.

  • The inability in the Music app to proceed to more songs by an artist simply by touching their name… this can’t be difficult to implement. Other than that I’m ok with the changes which were long overdue.

  • When connected to car Bluetooth can’t use gps and take a call at the same time, it hangs up on the person you are talking to. Phone app is slow, locks up and crashes a lot. Sometimes when you try to hang up the phone you have to unlock your phone first. Safari struggles with websites requiring to flush Ram before accessing some websites like memebase or Facebook. Audio will start playing randomly from last thing you were listening to when making or receiving a call. It’s s terrible, terrible “update”.

  • Hate the new lock screen. I had my elderly neighbour think her iPad was broken due to installing an update an not being able to swipe to unlock anymore. Forced to use a widget screen with no widgets looks ugly.

  • Getting rid of swipe to unlock. It took me about a month and a half to get used to just pressing the button instead. But now something else has happened. My old old iPad which I cannot update to iOS10 because it will kill it still uses the old method and now I am finding myself pressing the home button 20 times like a complete idiot before swiping to unlock.
    It’s still Apples biggest troll.

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