Use A Balloon As A Spill-Free Pouring Spout

Some liquids, like motor oil, can be a pain to pour, especially if they come in a heavy, unruly container. A balloon can slow things down and make sure you don't make a mess. We've shared some clever uses for balloons before, but this video from the MAD Science Hacks YouTube channel demonstrates a whole bunch more — including a way to make a spill-free pouring spout. Just grab a balloon and snap it onto the mouth of the container, cut a small slit at the other end of the balloon and pour. Accurate pouring without a funnel, and no more spills.

Balloon life hacks you need to know! [YouTube]


    err... that's the wrong way to hold an oil container to pour - the spout should be at the topmost point when you've angled it 90 degrees. No balloon should be necessary.

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