UberEats Will Bring You Smashed Avo Toasts For Free

UberEats Will Bring You Smashed Avo Toasts For Free

Uber is feeling bad for money-wasting Millennials blowing money on $22 smashed avocado toasts at hipster cafes and can’t afford to buy a house. It has partnered up with a number of restaurants across Australia to deliver free smashed avocado toasts to the mouths of Millennials through its food delivery service UberEats. Here’s how you can get in on the free smashed avo action.

The deal is actually available to people of all ages, but the free avo toast promotion was motivated by a condescending newspaper column last week where a baby boomer stood on his soap box and basically said the reason why Millennials can’t afford to buy a home is because they’re squandering their wealth on overpriced lunches.

“Well, millennials, we too share your love for the humble avocado and we support your right to a guilt free brunch, so we’ve teamed up with some of your favourite restaurant partners across the country to bring you your city’s best and most affordable #SmashedAvos, without the side order of #SmashedDreams,” Uber said.

The free avo toast is free for all users that are new to UberEats. Existing users won’t get a free toast, but if they ordered one, they won’t be charged for the cost of delivery. Uber has teamed up with the following restaurants for this offer:

  • Sydney: Three Blue Ducks, John Smith, Stop Valve, 169 Darlinghurst and Well Co. Cafe. $15-$17.
  • Melbourne: Serotonin Eater, Patch Cafe, Joinery, Sardi Cafe, Mr Hubbard Cafe & Larder. $13 – $17.
  • Brisbane:Pawpaw, Pineapple Express, Little Loco, Scout Cafe, Miss Bliss Whole Foods Kitchen. $8 – $16.
  • Perth: Satchmo Cafe, Source Foods, DuoTone, La Veen Coffee. $9 – $17.50.
  • Adelaide: Local Grind, Nagev, The Nourish’d Kitchen, Hello Sarnie, Bar 9 Parkside. $8 – $16.

Here’s how you can claim the deal:

  • Download or open the UberEATS app – you can sign in using your Uber account or sign up and create a new one.
  • Tell Uber where to deliver – add your home, work, or any other address you’d like.
  • Browse UberEats’ #SmashedAvo options – simply type ‘#SmashedAvo’ into the search bar to browse the #SmashedAvo options near you.
  • New UberEats users can enter the promo code ‘SMASHEDAVO’ and get up to $20 off their order. All of our #SmashedAvo options are under $20 and delivery is free. Existing UberEats users won’t be charged the cost of delivery.

Offer ends at midnight on October 23 (this Sunday).


  • Just got mine, it was awesome, pawpaw in brisbane is really good. Only took 20 minutes for my order to arrive.

  • I find it unusual this is actually proving the point about the whole argument. Even with the delivery waived people are still spending $20 on something that you can buy the ingredients for at the supermarket for less than $3.

    The $17 you save goes into a savings account – along with the money you don’t spend on coffee, that top shelf liquor, a second TV, that movie, and so on, and after a few years (certainly less than 5) you CAN have a deposit.

    Oh well, enjoy your smashed Avo millies, I shall sit on my home’s balcony with some top notch home made food and giggle as you all winge about not having money for a home deposit.

  • Don’t you think it’s a little condescending to simplify the unaffordabilty of the housing market to new buyers down to its because they spend too much on coffee and brunch? Don’t you think that makes you come across as an unsympathetic and condescending git? Do you perhaps think that the concept of going out to a cafe is hardly an invention of the millenials? In your younger years you never spent money on luxuries?

    $100,000 (often far more) is a pretty typical deposit required to buy a place in Brisbane where i live. Are you saying that millenials are therefore pissing away ~$20k a year on iPads, coffee and toast? Sorry you’re saying theyre spending more than that since you think it’s feasible for someone on around $60k a year or less income to save that much in under 5 years.

    Typing this from my river side, city view balcony and enjoying a coffee I made at home myself. Maybe I’ll even order a free smashed avo to go with it.

    Also I don’t think you actually read the offer. The food and delivery are free for new members. I highly doubt a large number of people are getting $20 deliveries of avocado on toast.

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