To Business Owners: Don’t Just ‘Follow’ And ‘Like’ As You Please On Social Media

To Business Owners: Don’t Just ‘Follow’ And ‘Like’ As You Please On Social Media

These days, most people hit the web to discover new businesses and when you’re starting a company, it’s important to build your brand online. Setting up social media accounts is a given, but managing them doesn’t just involve making posts and responding to followers. Every move online needs to be well thought out, including who you affiliate with online.

Over at Entrepreneur, social media expert and founder of Insightfully Chirag Kulkarni talked about common mistakes business owners make when trying to build their brand. One of these mistakes is not carefully planning their every move on their social media accounts:

“Though you may be active on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn, one of the worst things you can do to your brand is to send mixed messages about the business’ ethos and affiliations. You should not ‘like’ comments or pages because you think it will make your brand name more visible. You should think about and plan your every move. A designated marketing manager is also a great way to keep your online presence on track.”

Kulkarni talks through all the other common mistakes that entrepreneurs and small businesses make online over at Entrepreneur.


  • Your FB password is the name of the company. Someone logs in as you and likes “Women with big breasts”.

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