There's No Such Thing As Being Perfectly Prepared When You Start A Business

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Being prepared when you start out on your adventure to launch a business can help make your company more resilient in the long run. But there is such thing as being over-prepared. Sometimes, you just have to take the plunge.

Over at Women's Agenda, business strategist Jen Dalitz drew on the lessons from successful female entrepreneurs and offered advice to those who aspire to start their own business. One tip she provided was for budding entrepreneurs to take the first step, even if they don't feel completely ready:

"Kim Liddell, founder and CEO of Non-Destructive Excavations, says there’s no such thing as perfect preparation, no such thing as perfect pathways. Just take the first step, then worry about the second, then the third, and then keep going. If you wait to be perfectly prepared, your journey will never begin."

The advice Dalitz has collated isn't gender specific and you can find more over on Women's Agenda.

[Via Women's Agenda]


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