The Trail Bend Desktop

The Trail Bend Desktop

Reader Spencer put together this custom desktop on his Mac with just the widgets and tools he wanted visible. The wallpaper is one of his own photos, but the rest is easy to get on your own if you want a similar look.

Spencer is using Übersicht, a macOS customisation suite that we’ve highlighted before. You’ll need to grab it to get started, but it’s pretty much all you’ll need.…

Once you have it, here’s what you’ll want:

There are a few widgets here, but they’re all easily rolled into Übersicht, so you really only have one tool running. If you like the look and aren’t sure how to get the same effect, make check our Spencer’s Flickr page linked below, and let him know how much you like his work — or ask him how he made everything just so.

Trail Bend Desktop [Flickr]