The Mountaintop Desktop

The Mountaintop Desktop

Frequent desktop contributor JonRedcorn2 usually uses Windows, but this time he has a Mac — and that isn’t stopping him from customising it the way he likes. Here’s how he set up this beautifully clean desktop.

JonRedcorn2 is using Übersicht, a macOS customisation suite that we’ve highlighted before. You’ll need to grab it to get started, but it’s pretty much all you’ll need.

Here are all the pieces:

He also suggests the Obsidian Menu Bar and Black Dock tools if you’re running Mavericks or lower (they will work in El Capitan, which is what he’s running, but they presumably won’t install, which is a bummer). Anyway, if you like the look, head over to his Flickr page (linked below) to let him know you dig the design!

Mountain Desktop [Flickr]