The Family Work And Gaming Space

The Family Work And Gaming Space

Redditor musaffa1 wanted a space where the whole family could spend some time together, and the family that games and works together is a family who stays together. He came up with this family-wide workspace, and it looks great.

Musaffa1 explains:

3 custom PCs for me and my boys, and a Dell gaming laptop for my wife on the left. The desk tops and legs were purchased at IKEA. I think I spent about $US125ish altogether. It’s our primary family hangout. Used for homework, arts and crafts, Overwatch, and sometimes dinner. Our knight, Sir Ulrich von Liechtenstein, watches over us.(ignore the projector. It’s part of my home theatre behind me, but that’s a different subreddit…)

Here’s that shot from across the room of the whole setup:

The Family Work And Gaming Space

And here’s a longer view of the shot from the top of the article:

The Family Work And Gaming Space

And here’s another shot down the opposite direction, from where his wife has her laptop set up and connected to external gear:

The Family Work And Gaming Space

But what about his specific workspace? Well, he has the section on the far right. He’s planning a PC build in the near future, so don’t expect mind-blowing specs, he notes, along with this shot:

My station.

Nothing special, but it works; 8-core AMD, 256GB SSD, 16GB, and still rocking my trusty 7970 Ghost. I’m building a new one soon

The Family Work And Gaming Space

All in all, the big reason I really love this is one, they’re all playing overwatch together (seriously, head to the imgur gallery to see everyone playing at one time), and two, it’s a workspace that everyone can use all together at the same time, whether they’re all doing the same thing, or a few people are working and someone else is gaming, or whatever. It’s a great way for everyone to not feel like they have to trade off on their hobbies just to spend time together.

Hit the imgur gallery link below for some more photos, and some pictures of the cable management job under the desk, where musaffa1 used a smart combination of a rain gutter and velcro to keep the cables for all of those PCs out of sight.

Family Battlestation [Imgur via Reddit]

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