The Arch Terminal Desktop

The Arch Terminal Desktop

This linux desktop is an homage to one of our favourite distributions, Arch Linux — and reader KudalGadgil shared it with us in our desktop show and tell pool. Here’s how you can get a similar look.…

Since this is a Linux desktop (running KDE Plasma 5 , one of your favourite desktop environments,) you’ll need a few components to get started, but no overarching tool or utility to customise everything.…

Here’s what you’ll need:

That’s pretty much it. The individual KDE applications are obviously optional, but they do fit in line with the overall theme. If you’re an Arch user, we imagine you could add even more customisations or system monitors to this with some smart use of Conky, a Linux utility we see in a lot of our featured desktops. That all said, if you have questions about how to set this one up or how to make everything look just so, hit the Flickr link below and ask away.

The Solarized Arch Desktop [Flickr]