Shedd Is A Fashion Lover’s Answer To eBay

Shedd is a mobile auction app dedicated to ‘pre-loved’ clothing and accessories. You can buy and sell using your PayPal account but there’s also an emphasis on face-to-face purchases to save on shipping. If you need to update your spring wardrobe, here’s everything you need to know.

Selling pre-loved items can be a pain in the arse. Before I moved to Sydney last year I had house full of games and clothes that I wanted to purge for profit. I had some bad experiences with Gumtree in the past, so I opted for eBay. I had been using the site for over a decade and had never had any issues as a buyer.

Thankfully, the same could be said as a seller, but it was a long and arduous process. Each listing took a lot of work and eventually I gave up out of sheer frustration. I may not have been ripped off, but it didn’t seem like it was worth the time in the end.

Recently I discovered Shedd, a mobile app that you can buy and sell clothing and accessories through. I really wish it had been out when I last moved. It certainly would have saved on the amount of rage blackouts I went into.

If you’re a seller, all you have to do is take a photo of the item, upload it, write a short description and add some hashtags. The listing will be reviewed by the Shedd team and added if deemed acceptable.

That’s it.

Buying items is just as easy. Location services allows you to browse anything that’s close by, or you can use the search function to look up items, brands and hashtags. It’s an extremely easy process, which is dangerous for impulse buyers like myself who have a penchant for Burberry.

Personally I love how blatant Shedd are about encouraging users to sell their clothes so they can justify buying new, pre-loved items. It’s a really smart business model and a glorious cycle that I’m happy to get in on.

Also, Shedd isn’t just for us ladies. Although the ratio is still off, I managed to find some menswear through #mens.

Find something that you like? You can contact the seller directly through the inbuilt messaging app to chat about the item and even negotiate the price.

Shedd also seems to avoid typical online payment issues by only offering two options — face-to-face or PayPal. The latter offers buyer protection, so you don’t have to be paranoid about item quality or things simply not showing up.

Shedd was developed in the UAE and is still relatively new to Australia. I’m looking forward to more people getting on this app train, because that means more things to spend my cold hard dollars on. At the moment I feel like I’ve already trawled through most of the items that are relevant to my interests.

The good news is that the apps grasp of the modern retail, communication and fashion landscapes almost guarantee its success in Australia. In fact, tech savvy influencers and fashion forecasters are already paying attention — bloggers from Substance and A Pair & A Spare already have items listed.

So hurry up and get on this so I can buy your stuff.

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