Save Money On Your Next Car By Buying A Rental Car

Used cars are better bargains than new ones. Did you know rental car companies are a source of well-maintained, late-model used cars you can buy cheaper than at a dealership? Photo by rapidtravelchai.

You might be turned off by the thought of numerous strangers having previously driven your car-to-be, but Kiplinger says that if you can get past that stigma, buying a used car from a rental company could mean significant savings:

We compared prices for that automotive commodity, the Toyota Camry, at Hertz, Avis/Budget and Enterprise. As a benchmark, we used the Kelley Blue Book Fair Purchase Price — what you might expect to pay a dealer — for a good-condition 2014 LE model with about 40,234km on it, which in late April was $17,716 [$AU23,504].
The lowest price was at Hertz, where our Camry went for $16,000 [AU$21,228]. It was $17,600 [$AU23,350] at Avis/Budget and $17,999 [$AU23,880] at Enterprise. Prices for some other vehicles we checked, including the Hyundai Elantra, Mercedes C250 Sport sedan, Nissan Rogue and Ford Expedition, in a variety of trim levels, also showed savings — sometimes slim, sometimes huge. The Elantra at Hertz had 56,327km and was 15% below the KBB Fair Purchase Price.

Rental car companies are quick to point out that the vehicles they offer for sale go through frequent inspections and are regularly serviced. They all provide a report on the car's history and offer a range of car models, and some let you do an extended test-drive of several days, during which you can (and should) have a mechanic look at it.

It's another option if you don't want to haggle for a used car with a dealer or other seller.

Surprisingly Good Reasons to Buy a Rental Car [Kiplinger]


    i have applied this approach and got better result because i got my car relatively low price but there are certain issues in such old cars so my advice is for any user is to check properly thoroughly before going for any old car through rental services.

    You do know that rental cars go as fast in reverse as they do going forward???

      and you only have to use the first two gears, no matter how fast you're driving

    ANY fleet car offers the benefit of the most comprehensive log books you'll find in a second hand vehicle. Ex gov, Ex taxi, Ex hire, Ex mine, whatever. Open the books, make an informed decision, and offer a price accordingly.

    "Well maintained" might be a stretch, at least according to my local mechanic who used to work for a large rental car company.

      He tells you he does a shit job maintaining vehicles, yet you keep going to him?

        He said he couldn't believe the things he was told to do, that's why he left.

        Last edited 28/10/16 11:25 pm

    Keep in mind that (with a few exceptions), the previous drivers had zero incentive to treat the car nicely.

    I've yet to see any real savings in these sorts of cars Aus. I've looked through many fleet sales, and you can definitely get the same for less from a private sale.

    Pfah, ex-Govvie auctions are the best. Amazing prices.

    ..... buy a rental car.... what next you tell people to buy a used taxi?

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