Roast Your Lemons First For Delicious, Flavorful Lemonade

Using an oven to make lemonade may create some cognitive dissonance in your brain box, but by roasting the tart citrus fruit, you can draw out complex, deep flavours you wouldn’t usually find in the sweet and sour beverage.

Photo by Corbin Dana.

To make this slightly richer, slightly smokey lemonade, halve the lemons and place them on a baking sheet, cut side down. Roast at 200C until they’re slightly charred around the edges (about half an hour). Let cool and then juice as usual, mixing with a simple syrup and water. (You could of course make a regular simple syrup or plain white sugar, but I think this would be a wonderful application for that caramelised granulated sugar we talked about before — talk about complex.)

How the Oven Will Help You Make Even Better Lemonade [The Kitchn]