Pandora Plus, The Ad-Free, Unlimited Skip Service, Is Now Available To All

Last month, Pandora revealed a new tier in its paid subscriptions called Pandora Plus. As of today, it's available to everyone. Pandora Plus replaces Pandora One. For $US4.99 ($7)/month you get ad-free music with unlimited skips, offline listening and replays. If you already have a Pandora One subscription, it will automatically convert to Pandora Plus. The service also comes alongside a new logo, so don't be surprised if the icon has a bit of a new look as well.



    Still shows as Pandora One in my app? Maybe not available to all at all?

    I am a Pandora One customer and after upgrading the app this morning, the skip limitation in Pandora One is still enforced.

    Like another user said Im not getting unlimited skips even though I upgraded to Pandora plus. Please fix it. I won't pay for this if it doesn't give me unlimited skips!!!

    I also went from pandora one to plus because of the unlimited skip feature but do not get unlimited skips. what's the deal? I want my money back if its not going to do what it said it would.

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