Microsoft Wants To Ruin MS Paint By Making It Useful

Microsoft Wants To Ruin MS Paint By Making It Useful

While the name MSPaint may conjure visions of crude penis drawings in primary colours, Microsoft wants you to think of something new — crude 3D renderings of Nemo.

Yesterday, a Twitter user named WalkingCat posted what they claim is a video preview of the changes that Microsoft has in store for its ancient drawing program. It’s slick, hip, functional and absolutely terrible.

In the first video a fresh-faced young millennial(?) with a cool haircut informs us about the new 3D features:

“The paint you know and love is still there,” she lies.

In the second video, Paul, a perfectly nice guy who is not a fresh-faced young millennial(?) with a cool haircut, takes us through a few of the steps for making a 3D abomination with the world’s best dick-drawing tool.

Alright, Paul. Thanks, but no thanks.

[The Verge]

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    • I use it almost daily for quick cut and paste jobs – or to save ‘screenshots’ of Excel sheets so I can easy alt tab and keep Excel on the same active sheet. Big corporates won’t let any other image manipulator be installed.

    • I sometimes use Paint. It’s good for basic cropping of screenshots (as Zenu said). I paste my image, move, set the width and height and i’m done. It’s simpler than any other app for such a basic task.

      I’m not sure why the new Paint is so bad. If the rest of the features remain, this might be a good addition. There’ s not enough info to go on. I thought he fish demo was pretty cool, especially how easy it was to create a gradient. If gradient is that easy, i’d definitely use that feature. I also like the transparency option (assuming that’s what it was). I’m also interested to see if there is any vectoring capability. Vectors are very handy at times. A seamless transition between raster and vector would be quite handy.

      I’m a big fan of Paint.Net (a product that’s related to Microsoft). However, once you introduce layers (as per, the complexity of basic tasks increases. Maybe, this 3D concept will provide much of the functionality in a different paradigm.

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