Microsoft Has Made An App That Applies Virtual Make-Up On Your Face During Skype Calls

Microsoft in Japan has teamed up with high-end cosmetics brand Shiseido to develop an app that will add a filter that overlays virtual makeup on people's faces when they're on Skype calls, according to reports. The app is targeted at women who are self-conscious about their appearance when they're on video conferences. Here's what we know so far.

Apparently a lot of women are concerned with their appearance when they're doing video conferences for work. So what are these women to do? Never fear, Shiseido and Microsoft are here.

TeleBeauty is the app that the two companies collaborated on and it uses Shiseido's existing make-up simulation technology to apply a make-up filter. There are four make-up filters to choose from and you can see them all in action in the video above. It's only available in Japan at this stage, and its still in the testing phase on Skype for Business, but there are plans to roll it out overseas.

“Telecommuting is becoming more common, both in our company and in society. We hope the app will contribute to that trend,” Shiseido spokeswoman Megumi Koyama told Japan Times. She also stressed that the app is not just for women and it can be useful for men as well:

"We would like men to use it, too, because it is often said that faces of people participating in video conferences look darker than they really are, and depending on the angle of the camera, the workers look as if they have bags under their eyes. The app is set up so the users’ skin looks brighter. I think it’s a feature that helps anyone look professional."

Nonetheless, the marketing video that has been released by Shiseido is mainly targeted at women.

What do you think about this app? Would you use it for yourself? Let us know in the comments.

[Via Japan Times]


    I'd try it out, and if it improved what came out of my webcam, I would certainly use it. I tend to look awful and blotchy from any webcam regardless of the lighting conditions (I think it's me, sigh), which makes me do just about anything to duck webcam meetings. If the app could fix that problem, wow...

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