The Ultimate Beer And Ice Cream Pairings [Infographic]

Beer and ice cream are good. Sweltering weather is bad. As such, I suggest you combine the two good things to beat the impending Aussie heat with these amazing 'beer float' flavour combinations.

Though this graphic is geared specifically towards Baskin-Robbins, there's no reason you can't apply its wisdom to other brands that are more readily available in Australia. For example, watermelon sorbet would be great in a cucumber gose (or a sour to be quite honest) no matter who churns it.

Just keep these things away from kids lest they chug one down in the mistaken belief it's a spider. Here are the combos:

Make the Ultimate Beer Float With the Help of This Tasty Graphic

[Via Los Angeles Times]


    Does this really work? It sounds quite horrendous.

      I've had apple cider spiders before at the rooftop bar above Young and Jackson's in Melbourne and they tasted great. Can't vouch for beer, though.

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