Learn To Run Faster For Longer With This Training Plan [Infographic]


If you’re bored with running down long stretches of road, here’s your chance to add some variety by taking your running to the track. Nike’s latest training plan will introduce you to sprint-based workouts with the goal of running faster and longer.

The plan assumes you’ve been running at least a little bit, but you don’t have to know anything about track workouts. Instead of just calling for something like “4×300” and making you scratch your head, each workout is illustrated with little diagrams showing exactly how many laps you’re going to do, and when.

Summer is a great time to try this workout, since your nearest track is probably at a school, and otherwise you’d have to work around school hours. (No track? Guesstimate two minutes, or two city blocks, as a substitute for each 400-metre lap.) So give the mile a try! To put your training to use, try one of the growing number of one-mile races, or just enjoy your newfound speed on your own terms.

[Via Nike+ Run Club]


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