Last Week’s 10 Biggest Posts

You wanted AFL and NRL survival guides, daylight saving tricks and an ode to dead Australian lollies and snacks. Kick off your Monday by checking out the ten most popular posts from Lifehacker Australia last week:

  1. AFL And NRL 2016 Grand Finals: Everything You Need To Know
    Football fans this weekend are in for a treat as the AFL and NRL Grand Finals are on Saturday and Sunday, respectively. How do you watch it for free if you don’t have tickets to see the games live? How can you watch them if you’re overseas? How do you make conversation with AFL and NRL fans when you know nothing about the two sports? What snacks should you make while you and your mates watch the games? We’ve got you covered.
  2. Now Is The Time To Buy A 4K TV
    4K TVs have come a long way. They used to be expensive, there was nothing to watch on them and you could do better for less buying 1080p. That’s not the case any more: There’s plenty to watch, new 4K panels have a ton of features and they’re affordable enough for everyone now. If you’ve been waiting, now it’s safe to start looking.
  3. NBN Is Rolling Out ‘Fibre-To-The-Driveway’ To 700,000 Premises, Ditches Optus HFC
    nbn, the company responsible for the National Broadband Network (NBN), has cancelled its plans to use Optus hybrid-fibre coaxial (HFC) assets as part of its rollout and is going to deploy fibre-to-the-distribution point (FTTdP) instead. The technology, also known as ‘fibre-to-the-driveway’, provides faster broadband speeds compared to copper-based HFC. Here are the details.
  4. Five Iconic Aussie Snacks That Have Been Made Extinct
    These past few years have not been kind to Australian snack lovers. Childhood favourites have been culled and the nation grieved for the loss of a number of iconic local treats. We look back at five local favourites that are gone forever.
  5. Turn Your Clock The Right Way Tomorrow With This Simple Daylight Savings Rule
    Tomorrow morning (Oct 2), Daylight Savings begins in NSW, Victoria, South Australia, Tasmania and the ACT. For some reason, the obligatory clock readjustment tends to flummox otherwise intelligent people. Do you move the clock forward or backwards?? If you suffer from this embarrassing annual brain fart, here’s an old adage that will help you to permanently remember.
  6. ABS Tries To Drop IBM In A Bucket Of Crap After Census Fiasco
    2016 will be remembered as the year technology giant IBM hit the headlines for all the wrong reasons. They’ve been blamed, almost completely, by the ABS for what’s now known as #censusfail. IBM has recently sacked a couple of staff over the incident but I think there’s more to it.
  7. Nine Habits Of Fit People That Are Easy To Adopt [Infographic]
    Exercise and eating healthy are key to a healthier, fitter lifestyle, but there’s something to be said for small changes as well — ones that can make a big difference if you make them into regular habits. This graphic is packed with them, starting from when you wake up in the morning to how you wind down for bed at night.
  8. Deals: Netflix And Chill Without Geo-Blocking For Life
    We all just want to Netflix and chill, but geo-restrictions makes overseas watching a real hassle. Fortunately, you can bypass them for good with a lifetime subscription to SimpleTelly.
  9. NSW Recalls Coles And Woolworths Bread Rolls Because They May Contain Metal Bits
    Put down that bread roll. The NSW Food Authority has issued a recall on a number of bread roll products found in Coles, Woolworths, Metcash/IGA, corner stores and other food services outlets across NSW and the ACT due to fears that they may metal pieces. Here are all the brands that are being recalled.
  10. Everything Coming To Netflix, Stan, Presto And Foxtel This October
    While neither Stan, Presto nor the Australian Netflix library has anything near the range of US streaming services, every month we get just a little more. Foxtel is also adding a number of hugely popular titles to their Anytime on-demand streaming. Read on to see all the content that will be added to their libraries during the month of September.

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