Keep A Plastic Sandwich Bag On Your Hand While Cutting Chillies


If you cook with hot chillies often, you know that plastic gloves help keep your fingers from burning for hours afterwards. If you don’t have gloves, a plastic bag will do the trick instead.

You’ll want a baggie that’s thin and flexible enough to be able to manoeuvre your knife through. (Plastic wrap also works in a pinch.) You could just use one for the hand you’ll hold the peppers with, or you can grab two bags and poke a hole through the bottom or corner of one so your knife can fit through.

Put the other bag on the hand you’ll use to handle the cut peppers, then you’re ready to start. Remove the bags carefully by using one bagged hand to pull the bag off your knife hand and throw it away. Then gently remove the bag from your other hand, and toss them out. No fuss and no burning.

Summer Salsa [Davidson Orchards]


  • Yeah I do it the other way around. I just grab a bit of glad wrap to wrap around my fingers that touch the chillies

  • Even Better solution if you really don’t want chilli on your hand. Put some olive oil over your hands, that will form a protective barrier & allows for the chilli to be washed off easier.

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