How To Interact With Customers On Social Media

How To Interact With Customers On Social Media

Social media can be a powerful tool to promote your business. But if Donald Trump has taught us anything, it’s that social media can come back and bite you if you don’t use it wisely. While larger organisations may be able to afford a social media expert full-time to manage their online presence, small businesses need a bit more guidance. Here’s some advice on how to interact with customers on social media that will help you foster your brand online.

A large number of consumers now interaction with businesses through social media. Over at Entrepreneur, social media expert Jonathan Long went through some common mistakes businesses make online. He went through various ways to interact with customers on social media that will help foster a deeper relationship with them.

One of the biggest mistakes company’s make on social media is not interacting with followers. Businesses should share content that may not be directly related to their companies but appeals to their followers in order to keep them engaged. This could involve sharing memes or tweets that are related to your industry.

“Remember, your social media posts don’t have to be traditional advertisements to convert followers into customers,” Long said.

Which leads us to the next point: don’t over-promote your business on social media. That means don’t treat your social media accounts as another outlet to push ads constantly. As long points out:

“An offer here and there is fine, but if your followers feel that all of your posts are glorified advertisements, they will find other accounts to follow and leave you behind. They don’t need you. You need them.

You can read more social media tips from Long over at Entrepreneur.

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