Here Are Telstra’s Plans For The Google Pixel And Pixel XL

Here Are Telstra’s Plans For The Google Pixel And Pixel XL

Google unveiled its Pixel smartphone range this week and the company has struck up an exclusive telco arrangement with Telstra to sell the handsets on mobile plans. Let’s face it: making a phone carrier exclusive is going to rub a lot of people the wrong way and the phone is pricey to buy outright. If you’re still interested in getting the Google Pixel or the Pixel XL with Telstra, here’s a breakdown of all the plans the phones will be available on.

Lifehacker Australia has already done a rundown of the Google Pixel smartphones’ features and specs, which you can find here. The release date for the phone is October 20.

The Google Pixel and Pixel XL, which are manufactured by HTC, are available on a variety of Telstra Go plans. You can sign up through Telstra directly or through any Telstra partnered JB Hi-Fi stores. Here’s a list of all the plans along with pricing information. You can click through to WhistleOut for a full breakdown of the cost for each plan:

You can pre-order the phones through Telstra here.


If you’re adamant that you want a Google Pixel but want to stick with your existing carrier, you can buy the phones outright. Here’s how much they will cost:

  • Google Pixel 32GB: $1079
  • Google Pixel 128GB: $1229
  • Google Pixel 32GB: $1269
  • Google Pixel 128GB: $1419

You can get the phones outright through the Google Online Store.


  • For those wondering – with the current BYO phone deal, it is a better deal to buy the phone outright (if you have the cash), especially for the cheaper plans.

    E.g., the $92 XL 32gb plan works out to be the equivalent of $40 a month once you subtract the cost of the phone, but the $40 BYO plan gets you $1000 calls/text and 5GB of data (compared to $500 and 1GB on the plan).

    • Yep. Not only is it cheaper – if you go with the plan you end up with a locked phone after 2 years and have to get it unlocked if you want to go with a cheaper carrier.

  • Seems like the only reason you’d by on the plan is if you have to have Telstra (business or rural for example).

    Otherwise you’re looking at around $500 more over 24 months to buy on the plan.
    As an example:
    the 128GB Pixel on 3gb of data costs $2,496 over 24 months with Telstra.
    Bought outright for $1229 with a sim only plan from someone like Amaysim for $29.90 a month gets you a total of $1946.60 with the same inclusions.

  • Why would Telstra offer Apple Music as bonus on a google phone? Wouldn’t play music make more sense?

    • Why?

      You can download Apple Music from the Play Store.

      Telstra offers Apple Music – it doesn’t matter whether you buy an iPhone, Android, or something else.

      • Because most Android and google users don’t use Apple Music. I’m just questioning it as a free bonus, which isn’t as appealing with this phone.

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