Watch The First Episode Of Westworld On Foxtel For Free (One Click, No Catch)

Watch The First Episode Of Westworld On Foxtel For Free (One Click, No Catch)

Well, colour me shocked. Foxtel is letting Australians watch the first hour-long episode of Westworld on its website right now. No sign up. No charge. Nothing. Just head to the website and you could be watching Westworld with one single click.

For those who never saw the original 1973 movie starring Yul Brynner, Westworld is set in a futuristic Wild West theme park populated by human-like androids. Guests — who are given firearms and are encouraged to act like cowboys — can treat the androids as they see fit. This mainly involves sleeping with and/or shooting any android that crosses their path.

The show follows the guests, the androids and the theme park employees keeping tabs on things behind-the-scenes. As you’d expect, things slowly start to go wrong as androids begin to retain memories and question their role at the park. It’s basically Jurassic Park without the dinosaurs. (But way more interesting than that sounds.)

This is so interesting, and smart on the part of Foxtel. It might be the coolest thing they’ve done in years. Westworld is a well talked about show with a lot of buzz. Now that we’re three episodes deep, why not let people get a taste for free.

It’s also a good chance for people to decide whether the show is for them.

Click here to give it a watch!


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