Every Programming Cheat Sheet A Developer Could Ever Want

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Who needs Google when you have GitHub? OK, you still need Google (well, a search engine), but it won't be for cheat sheets. A GitHub user with the handle "detailyang" has put together a community repo containing links to what looks like every programming cheat sheet in existence.

Yes, yes, you got me again. Not every sheet in existence, just the ones worth bothering with. It doesn't matter if you're coding in CoffeeScript, Dart, Erlang, Swift or Java, the "awesome-cheatsheet" repository has something for you.

It's nicely divided into categories, such as front-end and back-end development and there's even an area for platforms, databases and security.

While the repo has a fair number of contributors — 24 at the time of writing — you can add to the list yourself by submitting a pull request. Though at a glance, it's hard to see what else it needs.

awesome cheatsheet [GitHub]


    I guess they don't think C is important.

      You can add your own....

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