Ditch Your Frustrating Doona Cover And Try Triple Sheeting Instead

Doona covers are notoriously difficult to put on over a doona, but not using one gets things dirty a lot faster. This hotel trick foregoes a doona cover in favour of an extra, easier-to-maintain top sheet. Photo by Rachel Titiriga.

As Alex Kalita explains at Food52, you'll need two top sheets and a doona or other warmth layer in addition to your fitted sheet. Once your fitted sheet is on, here's what comes next:

  1. Lay the bottom sheet on your bed so it lines up with the head of your mattress.
  2. Lay your warmth layer on top of that sheet, 15cm below the head of your mattress and the first sheet.
  3. Lay the second sheet on top of your warmth layer so it lines up with the first sheet at the head of the mattress.
  4. Grab both sheets and fold them down about 15cm. Your warmth layer shouldn't fold yet.
  5. Fold all layers down another 15cm to secure your warmth layer within your two sheets.

Now just finish dressing your bed as you normally would. Tuck in excess, fold in corners and add all of your pillows. Once you get the hang of triple sheeting it's a lot easier than messing with a doona cover, and laundry is a piece of cake.

A Duvet Cover Hack We're Stealing from Hotel Bedding [Food52]


    No, hotel bed making is the worst. It's really not that much effort to put the doona in the cover once vs making your bed every day.

    Or, you know, use an actual life hack?


    Putting doing covers on is notoriously hard? Do you have trouble opening doors as well?

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