Create Fake Contacts To Fix ‘Ducking’ Autocorrect

Create Fake Contacts To Fix ‘Ducking’ Autocorrect

iOS: There are a few ways you can fix the iPhone’s helpful, but sometimes annoying, autocorrect feature. Unsurprisingly Apple’s software ebbs towards somewhat puritanical word choices — like “duck” when you meant something else. The quickest and dirtiest way to sneak your swearing into autocorrect’s vocabulary is to add a contact with the words you want it to learn. On Twitter, Steven Thrasher suggests you add a contact named “Fuck Fucker”, and perhaps “Fucked Fucking”, or whatever verbiage frequently causes autocorrect to have a fit.

You can also just add words to the iPhone’s dictionary, if you want to go the proper route. In the keyboard settings, look for Text Replacement. That’s designed to create text replacement shortcuts — typing “omw” to write “on my way”, for example — but you can also just add full words like “fuck” or “shit”. Either way, teaching autocorrect proper diction only takes a few extra steps.


  • Go to he’ll…
    Really? Come on iPhone, that makes no grammatical sense. You know what I wanted to write.

        • iPhone has been known to autocorrect “hell” to “he’ll”. I’m suggesting that iPhone, perhaps Siri, is preempting that she’ll soon be telling the user (a “he” in this case) where to go, and ultimately what to do.

          I take it it was a bit too obtuse.

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