Briefly: Weird '70s Horror, Dying Pokemon GO, Sony Xperia XZ Review

Image: Gizmodo

Brief news items of note for Lifehacker readers, including: the weirdest horror movies from the 1970s, how Niantic Labs is slowly killing off Pokemon Go, Sony Xperia XZ Australian review.

  • The 1970s produced many classic horror films including The Exorcist, Jaws and Carrie. It also unleashed some bizarrely goofy cinematic oddities that pushed the boundaries of good taste on meagre budgets. Here are 30 of the "best".
  • Here are 21 signs that your best employee is about to quit.
  • Pokemon Go is dying — and Niantic Labs is doing little to stop the bleeding. Business Insider investigates.
  • The $999 Sony Xperia XZ is a flagship smartphone from the same guys responsible for Sony’s consistently impressive Xperia Z line-up. Here's the Gizmodo review.


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