Briefly: Advanced Excel Tricks, Battlefield 1 Review, Slow iPhone 7

Brief news items of note for Lifehacker readers, including: 11 advanced Excel tricks that will help you get an instant raise at work, Battlefield 1 video game review, why some iPhone 7s are eight times slower than others.

  • Microsoft Excel just might be the greatest piece of software ever developed. Massive swathes of the economy rely on the program, and becoming skilled at Excel has become a licence to print money in business. Here are 11 advanced tricks that will help you get an instant raise at work
  • Apparently, $10,000 is all it costs to bring down the internet. Gizmodo has the story.
  • Tesla is on the verge of completely changing the way it does business. Business Insider has the story.
  • Battlefield 1 is a first-person shooter based on the events and battles of World War 1; including the storming of the beaches at Gallipoli. Here is the Kotaku review.
  • The Switch isn’t the first time Nintendo has released a handheld/mounted hybrid system. Here’s a brief history of Nintendo’s portable TV consoles.
  • Depending on which version you own, your iPhone 7 could be eight times slower than it’s supposed to be. Head to Gizmodo for details.

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