This Is Why Your Smartphone's Battery Sucks

It's an issue that continues to plague smartphone users: short battery life. No matter how many fantastic features a smartphone has or how good it looks, it seems that users are doomed to be a slave to their phone charger. So why do we constantly see innovation in smartphone technology and yet we haven't seen any significant improvements on battery life? This video provides an answer.

The DNews YouTube channel provided a well-researched explanation as to why smartphone batteries don't last very long. Even at full charge, most smartphones rarely make it past the two-day mark and battery life gets progressively worse with time. Why haven’t smartphone manufacturers been able to fix this?

In short, it's because there hasn't really been a revolutionary commercial breakthrough in battery technology in the last 30 years. Lithium batteries, which are used in smartphones, are lightweight and portable, but it has a limited capacity. Over the years, power consumption on smartphone has only increased while capacity has remained stagnant.

Smartphone makers have tried to make their devices more energy efficient but they can't really make substantial changes to the battery itself. It also doesn't solve the problem that batteries wear out pretty quickly.

You can find out more in the DNews video above, including details about new research that could give smartphones longer battery life in the future. In the meantime, here are three science-backed tips for extending the life of your phone battery.

[Via YouTube - DNews]


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