12 (Mostly) Harmless Foods That Are Banned Around The World

Image: Yutaka Seki, Flickr

Practically every country has implemented a handful of food bans that seem strange and arbitrary to outsiders. (In Australia, it's antibiotic- and certain hormone-infused meats, which are perfectly legal in many other countries.) If you're planning to travel abroad, it pays to know which everyday foodstuffs might get you in trouble at your destination. This infographic looks at 12 unusual examples, from jelly cups (banned in Europe) to Kangaroo meat (banned in California.)

The infographic below was compiled by pokies.net.au and looks at 12 foods that some countries have deemed unsuitable for sale. Sometimes it's due to health or environmental concerns, while other times religion or animal rights groups are to blame. For our money, the only legit one is Fugu (AKA puffer fish) which actually kills people stone dead.

[Via pokies.net.au]


    I wouldn't say Raw Milk is harmless. It been cited as the probable cause of a child's death in 2014.

    Drinking it relatively soon after milking. All good. However the longer you leave it the more bacteria grows in the milk and the more potentially harmful it becomes.

      Drinking Raw milk is only good if you drink it right after its come out of the cow, Any later and its a severe danger.

    Is jelly cups referring to the smaller ones that can fit in your hand. because you can buy cups of jelly which are about 250ml in germany

    America, Where guns are okay but kinder surprise is not.

    In Australia, it’s antibiotic- and certain hormone-infused meats, which are perfectly legal in many other countries.There is a perfectly good reason - the overuse of antibiotics reduces its effectiveness over time when widely used as a growth enhancer rather than as a medical treatment.
    AFAIK, it's also banned in the EU.

    Ummm, Fugu is hardly harmless... It's banned for very good reasons, it's very poisonous if not prepared exactly as required. It's far too high a risk to simply just allow outright.

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